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Meet Our Staff

Pastor Jeniffer Tillman                                                                                             Email PASTOR JENIFFER

pastorHello! My name is Jeniffer Tillman, and I was born by the ocean. I am the second of three children raised by two Manhattanites and a nonagenarian from Harlem. I spent my early childhood in Savannah, Georgia before relocating to a booming small town called Lawrenceville, GA just above Atlanta. I attended and graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Theater. I have a thousand call stories for why I became a Pastor, but I’ve only one story which stands as my reason for going to Seminary. I pipelined from UGA to Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California where I spent three years engaging with rigorous theological pursuit and spiritual/ practical application of my craft. I spent my Teaching Parish at United Lutheran Church in Oakland, CA and worked as a Short Order Cook/ Sous-Chef for the Seminary and a Helper for an aging artist at a Nursing Home on Alameda Island in Northern California. My education included a summer as a solo Chaplain in Downtown Atlanta at the Training and Counseling Center at St. Luke’s, a semester as a Prison Chaplain at San Quentin, and a year as a solo Chaplain for Lutheran Social Services New York Alliance for four Section 8 residential apartments in the Bronx and Brooklyn. I held three internships as a Vicar for Inner City Ministry at Transfiguration Lutheran Church located in the South Bronx, NY, for Campus Ministry at University Lutheran Church in affiliation with Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, and finally for a Rural Ministry organized Mission Development site at Nativity Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, GA. I was invited to be a Supply Pastor at Shepherd of the Valley in Juneau, Alaska for a minister on Sabbatical in Malaysia. While serving SOV, I participated in a mission trip to a sister-site congregation in Whitehorse, Canada. I was approved for ordination and spent the following year as a Young Adult in Global Mission in Madagascar, where I served as an English Teacher, a Journalist, and Junior Editor for an FLM Youth Magazine. I returned to the States to become a Mission Developer for West Central Rensselaer County Lutheran Parish. I like music, Pinterest, hockey, thrift stores. In my free time, I enjoy exploring libraries and bookstores, going to the beach to see the ocean, volunteering at local animal shelters, and writing a story whenever I can.

Vicar Samantha Rossi                                                                                             Email VICAR SAMANTHA ROSSI

vicarsamVicar Samantha Rossi is on her third and final year of seminary studies at United Lutheran Seminary as well as internship at Hope Lutheran Church. Originally from East Berne, NY, Vicar Sam was a Conference Deacon with the Hudson Mohawk Conference of the Upstate NY Synod and served many local churches since 2005. Vicar Sam enjoys leading Bible Study, visits with parishioners and talking about any topic under the sun. She has a passion for social justice issues. When she is not serving the people of Hope Lutheran, she can be found with her daughter Ellie, enjoying nature, gardening, theatre, reading and making art.

Secretary Tonya Humphrey                                                                          Email SECRETARY TONYA HUMPHREY

tonyaHello, I am Tonya Humphrey, the new secretary here at Hope Lutheran Church. I came on board in October of 2017. I am a wife, a mother of three, a new grandmother, and now part of the Hope Lutheran Family! I feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people here! I look forward to getting to know all of you! May God be with you…today and always!

Parish Nurse Liz Macris                                                                                          Email PARISH NURSE LIZ MACRIS

lizLiz Macris graduated from Russell Sage College in 1961 with a B.S. degree in Nursing.

Following graduation was employed in hospitals including Rochester, NY and Ohio. Past employment includes “charge” evening & night shift of Med-Surg. floor at Strong Memorial Hospital and “charge” evenings & staff duties in Obstetrics at Good Samaritan Hospital in Ashland, Ohio. I also worked part-time on medical floor of Rochester General after children born & we had returned to Rochester.

I served in Home Care a total of 20 years, in Oswego and Rensselaer County Health Depts. Part of my experience in Oswego County was being responsible for 7 labor camps; started 1st discharge planning program in Oswego Hospital for the County working within 2 Social Services Departments [ city and county]; and initiating the 1st Expectant Parents Classes [2 series ].

Prior to becoming a parish nurse, I was employed at Seton Health (St. Mary’s Hospital) doing pre and post op. teaching and early discharge planning for persons coming in for surgeries. This was under a 5 year grant program to improve outcomes for surgical patients and to decrease length of stay.

I studied energy work for over 10 years, becoming certified in HTT through Healing Touch International, in Colorado. Since that I have been re-certified twice.

My private practice includes Parish Nursing as part of Seton Health’s “Faith Based Community Nursing” serving at West Central Rensselaer County Lutheran Parish in North Greenbush, and serving as a Healing Touch Practitioner for Church members as well as private clients.

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